15th Wood Green is a mixed troop, we have a pretty even mix of boys and girls, in common with most (or all) other troops in the UK the scouts do the same activities regardless of gender. Recently we have been Kayaking, Gliding, Woggle Making, Camping and many other activities!

The scouts range in age from ten and a half to fourteen. We sometimes take new members a little earlier if they are keen and we think they are ready.

We meet at Sheridan Hall in Scout Park in Bounds Green between 7.30pm and 9.30pm.

The Scout leader is Russell who is ably assisted by Julian, Dean (all parents of scouts current or past) and Will, who has been involved with local scouts as long as he could possibly have been.

We do run a waiting list, so if your young person wants to join us and they are not already known to us (ie in the Cubs) please use our contact form and get in touch!